We have arrived!

Finally arrived to Vancouver yesterday after a long but not terrible flight with Air Canada. We got to our apartment in Downtown and the location and South-East panorama view is fantastic! And the apartment is not too shabby either. We found it sort of last-minute, because all the apartments we were looking at either were not available, had a too long renting period or the furnitures were horrible – metal, glass and leather, ew! Surprisingly many had styled their apartments in this fashion, so maybe the Canadians are stuck in a year 2000 pocket (or just the people renting out flats) or this fashion just havent reached Scandinavia yet? So… when we decided on this one we weren’t that excited, even though it wasn’t cheap I must say! But we were happily surprised and are quite excited to be living here for the next four months.

The view from my workspace!

There is a 9 hours time difference from Sweden, so me and the BF, Tim, are pretty jet-lagged. We tried to stay awake for as long as possible yesterday and went out to eat to regain lost energy. That’s how I got introduced to Five Guys! Packed with youngsters and a simple interior it radiated cheap and tasteless food. Tim, having tried this food line in Cali, insisted we eat there and for the 2nd time I was pleasantly surprised. The tables were too few and dirty, but the burgers and fries divine!

So now its day 2. Didnt get a full night sleep, partly because af the non-functioning aircon, but the lights from the city at night is wonderful though. Even at 2am the town is alive. Maybe because it was friday night and people were getting their drink on.


When the daylight came, Tim and I went for a walk in our zombie-like state, finding the city clean and full of small shops. Since the streets were wide and empty of people, I was looking up at the buildings and stepped in a big pile of puke.. Thank you drunk people of Vancouver! I’m still grossed out..

So to sum up the experience so far: cherry blossoms, homeless people eating from trash cans and smoking weed, going to several grocery stores in the hunt of food and other necessaries, noticing a lot of asian living here, clean streets (except from that one pukepile), skyscrapers mixed up with greenery and a background of mountains.


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