Just relaxing.. or not

The last couple of days we mainly have been relaxing trying to set our body-watch to Vancouver-time. Maybe not completely relaxing.. Our building has a gym so we tried it out, meeting new people from the building. Nice, succesful people. One guy had two homeware stores. Maybe I can get a discount? We have a goal to work out three times a week. Tim is gonna skydive and im planning on dancing (with Tim), kayaking, yoga and of course use the gym. Lets see how it goes..

Living in Downtown we can walk most places. Still, used to biking 20km a day, im looking to buy a used bike. Then I’ll be able to go further than my feet can take me and explore the city more freely than in a car. My landlord has recommended craigslist.com? so gonna look at that later. For now we use our feet. So we ended up walking to Science World – that’s the big dome you can see in some of the pictures – having found this on google maps at home, we were excited to see it. But… it wasn’t that big as we thought it would be and the center was completely packed with children! Not my perception of fun. But we had paid the admission so we were gonna enjoyed the exhibitions. Letting our inner child out we ended up having fun trying to solve mind games and physis experiments  (is it wrong if I remember most of my physics from TBBT?). We were happily surprised to find the Red Bull Stratos exhibition, featuring the actual capsule and space suit Felix Baumgartner used. Also, that was the only place that there were no children.


The Shopping part

We have had some trouble with our air conditioning. It now works, but our landlord Jeev must have felt bad about it, because he offered to drive us to Wallmart and Costco. To which I said “Hell ya!”. We don’t have those stores in Scandinavia and from previously visits to the States, I have become completely addicted to Fruit Roll-ups which you can’t buy anywhere except maybe from Wallmart! Also, we still needed to fill up our food depots. Half a day, hundreds of dollars and a difficult trip up the elevator later, we are now that sort af happy you only get when having a lot of food in your cabins. And also a little high from shopping – ladies I know you get me.

Wallmart wasn’t as good as I remember. I didn’t find my Roll-ups but something else made by Betty Crocker called Fruit by the Foot. Also can’t find good ryebread after my Danish standard anywhere, and the one I can find is dry and cost like $8! So I have decided to bake my own. Alas it’s almost impossible to buy rye flour! Found it in SaveonFood. Let the baking commence!

Costco was a first for me and I LOVE it! You have to buy a card for $55-110 that last a year to shop there. But if you buy the $110 card you can return it eg. after 4 months and get a full refund. Plus you get cheaper prices on hotels and car rentals, which we probably gonna need for weekend getaways. And everything in the store is cheap! Got a hydrobag for hiking and kayaking for $30 and a 2TB passport for like $120. Also found Fruit by Foot here. Everything is sold in bulk, so you have to be carefull not to get blinded by the great deals, especially food, buying stuff you don’t need, and throwing half of it out the garbage.


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