Feeling patriotic

As a Dane with a Swedish boyfriend I tend to get little patriotic, if not a lot. And this is one of these moment.


We were sitting at a Japanese fast food joint when started playing on the radio. MØ has been known for a while now, since her hit with Major Lazer, so I wasn’t surprised. But few days later, when I was working out at my gym, Lucas Graham “7 years” music video was showed on the TV. And I had to stop (and by stop, I mean stand in front of the TV doing hulahoops) and watch the whole thing. I think their American and therefore big international debut was around 6-12 months ago? and ever since the Danish medias have been chanting their names. Still I was taken aback when I saw them on Canadian TV and wanted to point at the screen and yell “They are Danish!”. But of course I didn’t.

It’s a bizarre thing.. Never have I met any of these people, but I feel proud of them! I guess it’s since Denmark is such a small country that we fell close to one another, non the less geographically.



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