Gastown and cannabis

We met with one of Tim’s associates last night for a drink. He showed us the old part of Vancouver called Gastown near the harbour. Very charming and british looking, with a lot of shops and taverns to grab a drink. The area where we live is very new with luxury brands stores like Prada, Manolo Blahnik and Chanel, so you really have the opportunity to shop until you drop best SATC style! But if I did, I would end up being the lady who lived in her shoes. So I’m glad to find that there is a more low-budget street, also where the locals actually shop.

Also, just found out that cannabis is (partly) legal in Canada! And there should be smoke-shops like the ones in Amsterdam down in Gastown. They even have a big marked for products containing cannabis, like chocolate, drinks, cannabis sprinkled salmon and of course cakes. Hell, they (and the States) even have a celebration day called 4/20 or National Weed Day where they make a festival selling all sorts of products and I’m guessing getting high together. A little google’ing and voila! an article about the event AND recipies so you can join in on the fun:

Vancouver even have their own Weed Diva Watermelon running a youtube cooking show called Water Melon where she convert cannabis. She has been cooking with cannabis since the 1990’s and the show has a Martha Stewart feel to it, which is hilarious. You can check out her first episode here:

Just love the parts with black sambuca and her mom!!

Anywho, Tim’s associate gave us advice on what to see, where to eat, drink, to buy used bikes and also which part of the city to stay clear from. Apparently all the homeless people in Canada migrate to Vancouver because it’s warmer here. And they end up occupying parks and other public places. That creates some problems for the local police, but other than the annoyance of people begging you for money, the smell of cannabis and the risk of getting your bike stolen, they seem harmless. Still, there are some unpredictable meth-heads and gangs in some areas that one should stay away from.

I’ve been told, that there are no jobs here and still the prices for renting a flat is outrageously high – $1700 a month for 60 square feet and shared facilities?! And the gangs are booming, especially in the suburb, maybe because there is nothing for the youngsters to do. So the dream of Vancouver is a little shaken but not shattered.

It was a nice evening out. Got a few drinks, non of them good, and tried yam fries with garlic aioli. Not my favorite. I’m more a regular potato kind a gal’. Hopefully there will be other nights out with better drinks!


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