Up for some Gambling and Dancing?

Ever since we got home from our road trip we havent done much beside eating and binge-watching The Good Wife… yay work free life.

So last friday we wanted to shake things up a bit and go out for a drink. We ended up going to a casino near the harbour eating (more) junk food and trying what the bar had to offer.


No pictures allowed in the Casino, so that’s all you get.

Edgewater Casino

Due to Tim’s job, he has been to a few casinos and, unlike me, have the money to spend. I have only been to casinos in Copenhagen and Las Vegas, where me and my friend didn’t dare to gamble more than US $20 on the slots. We lost the money in five minutes, no fun at all. I don’t really like to bet or gamble money so the plan was to just watch Tim play Black Jack.

The Edgewater Casino looked great from the inside, having a giant room with high ceilings, flashing neon lights, dinging sounds from the slots and a special upstairs area for the high rollers. Giving you some of that Las Vegas glam and excitement that you want in a casino. I half expected that the gamblers would have the same glam.. you know, women in sparkling dresses and men in fancy dress. But no.. Most of them were just ordinary small asian people. Some things just stays in the movies.

A little off topic: While still sitting in the bar, I discovered via an app called Bandsintown that Paul McCartney was having a concert in Vancouver on Tuesday. The tickets left were a little expensive, but hey, it’s effing Paul McCartney! So we bought tickets – excited much! Later I walked past a bookstore, that had a book on display titled Music legends with him on the cover. That’s how big a deal he is. And that concludes, that the best decisions are made drunk.

We took our drinks and went looking for a gambling table. After watching Tim playing cards, having the betting rules explained and drinking more drinks, I kinda wanted in on the action. And even though the slots hadn’t been good to me in Las Vegas, they seemed more my budget. That’s when Tim and I made a bet on who could make the most from $20 on the slots. I think we were entertained for about an hour, winning and losing, trying to find the machine that would bring us luck. My favorite became the tiger-slot that roared every time you made a bet. Turned out you can have a lot of fun with slots and drinks (pun intended) but in the end you just end up losing your money.

I even got a membership card to the casino! I found out that they have a raffle lottery a couple a times a week, where you can win up to $10.000, but only members can join. The membership is free and by playing you get lottery tickets. I ended up having six tickets that people had giving me by the end of the night. And since we’re probably going back when our friends visits, why not?

The membership card came with a retractable cord (a badge reel?) which I, in my drunk state, were excited to possess and proudly showed it to my bf, who didn’t share my excitement for free crappy stuff.



Privé Night Club

After we left the casino, neither of us were quite ready to go home, so we walked in to the first night club we came by; Privé. The bouncer told us it was Spanish night. Not knowing what that meant we got in line, I just wanted to dance. And dance we did!

Turned out that Spanish night equals Salsa night! And I, to my own belief, am the born dancer. We had a blast or at least I did, dancing around in my Niké shoes and now to warm giant scarf, urging Tim to move his hips. But alas, he is more a “shuffling the deck” kind a dancer.

The girls were about five years younger than me, had tight short dresses and high heels on. The men on the other hand were five years older and not that great looking.. And all of them were a head shorter than me. Always seems like that, doesn’t it? A lot of hot young girls and no hot men in the club scene. Good thing I brought my own tall hot guy, haha.

We got a tequila shot and a Corona and after that it was game over. We went home high from the night’s fun and since it now was 11am in Denmark, I could drunk-Skype-call my sister, ending a great night out in Vancouver.


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