Granville Island Public Market and the Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday was the last day for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival and there were free concerts and a Blossom Barge Flotilla, that transported cherry blossom trees and performers up and down False Creek.

The events were all more or less taking place at the Market on Granville Island, a half-island just south af Downtown, and were no more than 3km walk there, so we did.

The sun was out and the walk over Granville Bridge gave us a good view of False Creek and the island. After asking around and consulting with Goggle Maps, we found it. And as always our hopes were too high.


There wasn’t much of a festival and you couldn’t see the barge due to people cluttering together on the dock trying to take pictures and record the ladies on the barge doing a japanese drum performance. The only reason im bitching over this is because I wanted a picture, very double standard I know.

There were also other performers on the dock, but im guessing they weren’t a part of the festival.

We found the entrance to the Public (farmers) Market. This time it was everything that we had expect! Packed with small shops with fresh fruit, vegetables, bakery treats, seafood, dried fish (fish jerky), sweets, cheese and spices. It is all inside for now, but in a month or two, there will also be an outside farmers market. We ended up buying two big bags of local fruit and vegetables, which was a little inconvenient for the long walk home, but oh so delicious!

There were a lot af small fast food resturants at the market, but Tim was fed up with all the people there and didn’t wanted something more healthy. We never looked at any of them, so can’t say if they were healthy or not, but out we went looking for something else.


Edible Canada, bistro

We sort of stumbled upon this restaurant next to the marked, being highly popular there were a 15min waiting for a table. It didn’t have a lot on the menu but looked interesting. Tim got a savory split pea soup and a hasselsalat and I got the tiniest plate of youkon arctic char gravlax. The waitress did warn me that it was small, but I was still surprised. Didn’t think my meal anything special, but I still wanna come back to see wat else they have to offer.

Later I found out that all their dishes are made from local and seasonal commodities and that they only serve modern Canadian Cuisine. Well, almost.

They have a popular culture night approximately once a month with gust chefs. The next one is Peruvian Feast with chef Valverde of Ancora. Seems a little expensive, costing the same as going to a Michelin restaurant. But we are thinking about doing it, being food lovers and hedonists.

You can check out their site here


The Wildlife Thrift Store

We walked a different way home going up on Downtowns Granville street. We came by this 2. hand store and took a peep inside. I ended up going through everything while Tim played games on his phone. The outcome was a summer dress and a yoga mat for $20 total.

I’m planning on going to yoga classes any day now. Have found a gym that has a start-up deal for 30 day unlimited training, mat rental and sauna for $40. Just need to get my ass down there.

My new mat will be used after the start-up deal is over and for home sessions with youtube-videos.


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