Granville Street

Well, this has been a busy night!

During the day I’ve been catching up with friends on Skype and went for a walk, finding out that just around the corner, on the street parallel to ours called Granville, there is a whole other world! We ended up calling it the “dirty street” because of the buildings fading facades and vintage looking billboards, housing all from high street brands to dodgy bars and sex shops. And the people occupying the street, I would to my best knowledge call hipsters, a very divergent crowd in style and form. And of course a lot of homeless people smoking weed.

We loved it right away! How come we are only discovering this street now? Turned out that we would be back on Granville sooner than expected, since our new dance studio were located there.

Fishing for change


Salsa at Harbour Dance Studio

We have for some time now been talking about taking dance lessons and since I have many years experience with ballroom dancing, we thought it would be more fun for both of us to dance something else. Salsa isn’t that far away from the latin dances in ballroom, but we had tried one lesson while travelling in Cuba and got hooked.

So I signed us up for a six lesson salsa beginner course at the nearest studio and we have really been looking forward to get started.

The lesson went well, even though we only had sneakers to dance in. There was a lot of other dancers there, and since we switched partners every five minutes, you tried a lot of different dance levels and got to socialize more. The lesson was a bit too easy for me, having done ballroom and all, but I don’t mind since the point is that Tim and I to have fun together. Time flew and before we knew it, we were out on the street again with a ticket for a weekend salsa party and a smile on our faces.



Movieland Arcade Hall

High on endorphins we didn’t want to go home, so we sat down at a bar next to the studio, got a Guiness and started people watching. Tim noticed that there were an arcade hall across the street, so after finishing our beers we went to check it out. A man working there told us it was the last arcade hall in Vancouver. Knowing that it seemed a little small only having 3 more people in there besides us. But… I’ve never really been to an arcade hall before, so what do I know.

We tried some of the games, like a Jurassic Park shooting game and the pinball machines. Quarters rand out and we were on the street again. If we go there a nother time I wanna try the Donky Kong game – even though it is a classic I have never played it before.


Mini Bowling

We passed a sign saying “Bowling and Billiard”. Thinking a game of bowling would be fun, we went in. After paying for lane and shoes we found out it was mini bowling. For those who doesn’t know what that is, it is simply bowling with smaller, hole-less balls and only 5 pins.

Tim won 2 out of 3…  Well, better luck next time.


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