Paul McCartney Concert

I just wanna say: crazy good concert!

Again, we were lucky that we discovered that Sir Paul McCartney was playing in Vancouver and that we could get tickets with just a few days before the concert. Tim, only fancying the best things in life, wanted the best and therefore the most expensive tickets we could get our hands on. So we got tickets near the stage at the tribune for about $325 a pop! Never have I paid that much for just one concert before, but in retro perspective it was worth it.

We did have tickets on the flor 3rd row, but something went wrong in the buying process and we lost them. Next day I could see, that the same tickets were put on resale for double the face value. So annoying that people are allowed to do that, but what can you do… There were a lot of good seats on resale, but I’ll be damned if I let my self get ripped off with open eyes!

McCartney is 72 years old and still going strong! He played for 3 hours without breaks and had a great mix of old, new and in between music. I wasn’t sure if he would play any of the Beatles songs, but he did! And I was amazed how many hits he has made through the decades. You know the songs when you hear them, but having them played one after the other.. I know he is a legend with a big repertoire, but still I was in awe.

When I go to concerts, I’m always afraid that the artist(s) won’t play my favorites and just stick to their new album – the worry of every concert goer. McCartney has been around the block a couple of times, and sure he want to promote his new songs, but in the end he knows what the crowed wants.

Another concert worry is, that the people around me are gonna be jackasses. It was a good crowd and the spirit was high! So high that the two young men in front of us kept standing up (it was a seated concert) and danced at will, and the guy behind us, maybe to get McCartney’s attention, kept on woo-ing through the whole concert…

Annoyances aside it was an amazing performance. Simple rock with no wardrobe change, old men in tights and a little fire.

Some of my recordings


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