If you read the post “Gastown and Cannabis” you may remember that there is a celebration day for cannabis. If you haven’t, then April 20th has become a counterculture holiday in North America, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.

Not knowing the law, I’m not sure to which extent cannabis is legal. I have seen a lot of medicine prescribed cannabis stores in Vancouver. Everyday as I go out, I smell and see people smoking weed and I doubt that so many need cannabis for medical reasons.

None the less on this festive day everyone is allowed to buy and consume cannabis (yay Canadian law). And they do so with bravour, alluring a lot of people from the nearby areas to Vancouver!

A happy coincidence

Not knowing what day it was, Tim and I was headed down to a skydive club located  in Downtown. We went up Robson st and what we first thought was a demonstration turned out to be 420 celebrations. There was a lot of small stalls selling various cannabis edibles like lollipops, chocolate, gummibears etc. We also found one selling hash icetea! And then of course there were the conventional joints and un-converted cannabis.

It was a peaceful event with live music and the law enforcement standing by, but never interfering. We spoke to some of the stall workers, who told us that there was a party with even more stalls on Sunset Beach – also located Downtown, about 20 min walk from our apartment.

We ended up buying a lollipop and went on our way to the skydive club. After talking with the manager at the club, arranging for Tim to skydive the next day, we went out for lunch. We found a great chinese place and sat down to eat, but when we got to the desert the lollipop hit me hard and Tim had to take me home.

Later, when I was up and running again and the sun was setting, we went down to Sunset Beach and took in the last atmosphere of the festival. There had been many attendances and it annoyed us that we hadn’t gotten there sooner. People had started going home when we were arriving, wearing cannabis themed clothing, beach wear and waving cannabis flags. We were lucky to be there for about 30 min before the music stopped and the stalls started to close.

Before heading home we shared an icetea. Boy, I wish we hadn’t! Just like the last time, we went to get something to eat, but this time we had to cancel our food and go home. That last high was no fun and I imagine it’s gonna take some time before I’m trying cannabis again – if ever!

When you’re not used to cannabis, you don’t know how you will react. It was a good thing I had Tim to take care of me, but needless to say, he didn’t go skydiving the day after.


To write or not to write

Now, days after 420, I had my speculations writing about this experience, being a bit of a moral gray area. But since nothing illegal occurred and that I find it natural seeking new adventures, I wanted to share this one with you –  and this one I’m sure I’ll remember for the rest of my life!


I just can’t stop singing this song!


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