Game night

Ok, this is a geeky one for you.

A week ago, looking for a book club online, I came across this site called A great site where you can either start your own group og join existing groups of your need. Both Tim and I did some exploring and found different interesting groups, like a dance party group for 20s to 30s, book clubs, hiking, English conversation and a board gaming group. The latter is the one of interest in this post.


Board Game Meetup

So last week we attended this game night in the west end at a somewhat hidden bar called Comox. And it was kinda great! The gamers would bring games of their own, placing them on a big table where everyone could choose a game to play. Tim had some days before bought a game called Boss Monster that we brought to the meetup.

The attendances were what you may call typical gamers; a bit socially awkward and quirky. The people I talked to and played with were friendly and also patient teaching us the games. The game hostess was a gem! No bra, Dame Edna glasses, blue and purple hair, Hello Kitty backpack and all colored clothing. She was accommodating, being a good hostess and I thought she was awesome. Love people who are not afraid to stand out. Her wife, who’s a gamer too, taught us how to play Boss Monster – turned out we had been playing it wrong.

Because they are real gamers, unlike me who mostly play cards and Monopoly, they had some complicated games. But after spending some time familiarizing us with rules and even winning (well Tim did), it was quite fun!

It is always great to listen to people telling about a subject, that they have great passion for and knowledge of. And the way these people were talking about boards games, rating them on factors like how fun, innovative or competitive it was, and how long it takes to play, how long it take to explain etc, was surprisingly captivating.

We had so much fun, that we are definitely going to the next meetup gathering. Board games and beers, what’s not to like!


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