Skydiving and Vancouver Sight-seeing

Tim has been wanting to go skydiving ever since we came to Vancouver, but for no particular reason, it haven’t happened untill now.

The weather was great, we had nothing to do and were more or less bored out of our minds, so Tim rented a car, not wanting to depend on a lift from a fellow skydiver, and convinced me to come with him. Knowing this would take all day, just sitting there and wait, I was reluctant. But since Tim wanted new skydive pictures and was nervous, because he hadn’t jumped for six months, I went.

He rented a car at Budget, which turned out to cost about $100 more than anticipated, $290 total for two days, and took forever to get. Because of the wait – we were there 10.30am and got the car at 11.30am – we got an upgrade on the car and some entry coupons for various attractions in Vancouver City.



Skydiving Vancouver

It took one hour to drive to the club site. It was a big club with seven airplanes, not all in the air that day, but most skydive clubs in Sweden and Denmark, to my knowledge, only have one or two. The clubhouse was big and homely, and there were couches, picnic tables and a place for bonfires outside.

After the formalities, prep talk and two (!!!) hours wait, Tim got to jump. Having only had breakfast, I went to look for food in between his first and second jump, making it back just in time to take pictures of him going up in the air.

I didn’t know the colour of his parachute on the first jump, so took a lot of nice photos of strangers. And in the second jump, he landed a bit to far away behind a silo, so the pictures didn’t come out that great. At 5 pm I was famished and tired of waiting, which Tim detected – I wasn’t hiding it – so he packed his parachute and drove us home. And as consolation he bought us sushi for dinner.


Vancouver Sight-seeing

Tim still had the car for the next day, but instead of going skydiving he wanted to spend the day with me, using some of the coupons he had gotten, and apparently only could be used with a valid car rental agreement…

So first we went to Stanley Park for one hour horse-drawn tour. Took almost on hour to drive through the city, which baffled us since it was Sunday, untill we realised that the BMO Marathon was taking place and the roads near the harbour had been closed.

The coachman made it an interesting tour, coming with fun facts like Vancouver City is used in a lot of movies/sitcoms as e.g. New York, Tokyo and even Batman’s Gotham City. 60% of sawdust used internationally for newspaper comes from Canada and Stanley Park is one of the biggest public parks in the world. We also briefly saw the totem poles and the rose garden located in the park, but we are definitely going back with our guests, so what we didn’t see that day we will another day. We also saw a racoon! A first time for me, so that was awesome.


After the park we drove to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. Being named no. 1 city garden in the world 2011 by National Geographic, it was a bit of a disappointment. It had turtles, koi carps, penjing trees (also known as bonsai trees in Japanese) and the architecture you would expect for a Chinese garden.

We were done sight-seeing after that and since we had the car, we drove to Wallmart out in the suburbs and filled it up.

We were suppose to go to the Lookout Harbour Center Tower in the evening, but were too tired and so the day ended with bad movies in bed. Besides, we got a great view of Vancouver from our apartment!


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