Whitecaps vs. Portland

I have been in contact with one af my previous clients relatives here in Vancouver and I finally got to meet him, John, and his wife Jacqueline.

They had been so nice to invite Tim and I to a sold out soccer match between their team, The Vancouver Whitecaps, and their archenemy, The Portland Timbers. Neither of us is that into soccer, but it sounded like fun and a great first-meet with the two Canadians. Also, we see the Stadium from our apartment everyday, so it would be fun the see it from the inside for a change.

Before the game at 2pm we met for brunch at a diner on Granville street. Johnny and Jackie were beyond nice and we hit it off right away. They are in there late 30’s and have a house in East Vancouver, and were amazed that we reside in Downtown.

We were almost late for the national anthem, making Jackie nervous. It was clear from early on that Jackie was a HUGE soccer fan, but both her parents are Scottish so maybe that explains it. She was jumping around, clapping her hands and singing songs on the way from the diner to the stadium. Johnny too was a big fan, but more grayed than Jackie. That was untill the match started, then he was just as bad, if not worse than Jackie. We found it entertaining and since mood is contagious, we started to yell as well.

Tim wanted to make it more interesting, so he convinced me to bet $5 on Whitecaps against him. At first it was only $2 because I don’t like to bet, but I changed my mind and agreed to $5 even though it was 1-0 to Portland. After that it only made the victory more sweet when The Whitecaps won 2-1.

The match was over and the Whitecaps fans were dancing and singing on their way out of the stadium. We almost lost Jackie in a group af dancing men, that she joined in on. And Johnny bantered the Portland fans saying “Haha,  your team lost and you only have a seven hour drive home”.

Hopefully it won’t be the last time we’ll meet with Johnny and Jackie.


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