Visit from Scandinavia

Visit from Sweden

Tim’s uncle is visiting from Sweden. He is turning 50 in a couple of months and as a birthday present, Tim had arrange for family and friends to collected enough money for flights tickets to Vancouver and a VIP ticket to The Who concert – also turning 50. He is staying with us while he is here.

It’s only been a couple of days now and we have been walking around town sharing our knowledge. We walked to Stanley Park where giant fish were playing in the lagoon, walked through the rose garden where people were getting married and the roses had begun to flourish. We continued over to the seawall, where we could get a good view of the town, and reached our destination The Vancouver Aquarium. It’s one of Vancouver’s must see tourist attractions – hidden inside their number one attraction; Stanley Park.

We spent some hours observing a great variety of sea creatures, frogs, sea anemones, sea lions, sea otters and penguins. We just managed to see it all before closing time at 5pm and after that we went on to see the totem poles, which are also hidden in the park.

We were knackered and had an hour walk home ahead of us. We took the scenic route along the seawall and after a short break at the apartment, we went out for steaks and beer.


Visit from Norway

One of Tim’s friends arrived yesterday. He is here for The Who concert and is leaving again tomorrow. Even though he had been travelling for more than ten hours, he was ready to join us for an evening out.

Yesterday, Tim had made reservation at Bauhaus, allegedly the best restaurant in Vancouver with a German cuisine and a rewarded Michelin star chef. We had the tasting menu with wine pairing. The food was great, the service less so. No one was really doing what they were supposed to do. Our waiter was a hoot though! Every few minutes he was downing a glass of liquor from the bar, making his serving more and more similar to the oné in the short film ‘Dinner for One‘.

The owner turned out to be a German director named Uwe Boll, who Tim was totally psyched to meet. Boll is more or less known for making controversial and bad movies and not giving a single shit about his critics. I was told by Uwe that he arranged a boxing match between three critics and himself, where he got US $40.000 for wearing a sponsor t-shirt. He is very small, so im sure he got a beating, but still a great deal! We took some pictures with him, but didn’t turned out that great due to background light.

After dinner we went to Edgewater Casino, where we played Craps, Four Card Poker and the slots. As predicted we all got drunk and lost our money.

Today we are hung over and relaxing before the big event tonight: The Who concert!! – with a VIP arrangement. Gonna go and grab a warm-up beer on Granville st. and do some people watching with our visitors before the limousine comes.

Stay tuned.


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