The Who is hitting 50!

In the last post I told you guys that we had VIP tickets to The Who. In fact we had a VIP packet including a limo ride, dinner and seats near the stage at the concert!

The Limousine

The Asian tourists thought that we were famous

The white limousine was parked on the curb in front of our building and a man in formal clothing and makeup greeted us. Tim and his friend had bought twelve beers for our almost two-hour drive around town.

The guys, due to beers earlier in the pub, were already in good cheer. We got in and started driving towards Stanley Park. It was a hot day and even warmer in the limo. The aircon wasn’t working like it was supposed to, so we ended up opening all the windows. Because of the heat, I only drank half a beer and water, so the guys had to divide the rest between them. After being out drinking the night before, it started to be a hard task.

The chauffeur was great. He was a struggling artist in his forties and presumably gay, who’s so-called real job was to be an actor/writer. He drove us through Stanley Park, making some stops along the way and followed the seawall down to Granville Bridge. He entertained us with knowledge of the city, parties he’s been to, murders in town, the gay scene, where I could see male striptease and good places to eat.


Glowbal Restaurant

Our chauffeur dropped us off at Glowbal, a new restaurant in the center of Downtown with an amazing menu! We had prepaid US $400, but since we decided on 10 oz wagyu steaks, fries with white truffle and garlic aioli, assorted oysters, Beluga caviar (the Beluga costing $600 for 30g!!) and drinks for the whole table, the US $400 didn’t cut it.

It was a feast! And especially Tim’s uncle was ecstatic about the Beluga – being a chef, he has always wanted to taste this caviar. And I couldn’t put a finger on the service – we had some drinks that didn’t taste quite right, and they gave us new ones right away. If I had to say something negative, it would be that the music was a bit too loud.

I my opinion, this is the best restaurant in town!


The Who Concert

After dinner we got back in our limousine and drove to the Rogers Arena, where we said goodbye to our chauffeur and went inside. Security almost took my camara away for being too big! Luckily they showed some mercy and after buying more beer we found our seats on row thirteen on floor level.

The small Dolly Parton looking lady next to us asked if we were in the music business. She apparently was and had gotten her tickets through her job. When we told her we weren’t she exclaimed “Then You must have paid a lot for your tickets!”.

I wont say that I’ve been a big fan of The Who, but the old guys still had it in them! They had more hits than I knew, so that was a pleasant surprise. Even at the age of 71 the lead singer, Roger, looked fit swinging the microphone (he could have invented that move) and he didn’t sound like an old man either. Pete did a great guitar, but at one point the music started without him. Not that he cared, he cracked a joke and told the musicians to wait for him – he was the talent after all!

We danced and sang all night and after the concert we returned to Granville street for a goodnight cap.



One thought on “The Who is hitting 50!

  1. Since I’m coming over on July 1, I would like to remind my son and his dear girlfriend that I absolutely won’t mind if we celebrate my 60th birthday in advance. After all, this IS the best restaurant…


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