Visit from Denmark!

My best picture…

Paul Simon

After Tim’s uncle said “ha det bra”, Tim and I went to a Paul Simon concert. With seats on 4th row I didn’t need my Canon to get Paul in focus, but brought it anyways. Turned out that was not allowed and I was escorted to the coat check to check-in my camera doing the concert. A bit embarrassing, but I thought, that I at least got some descent photos out of the blunder. I didn’t.

Visit from my Sister!

Ten days ago my sister came! It’s been more than two month since I last saw her, so I was excited.

I had send her a list of stuff to bring us from Denmark, like leverpostej (poor mans pate), coffee from Sweden and kammerjunker (a special sort af biscuit for a Danish summer dish called Koldskål), so I was also looking forward to receiving the loot! In return for her troubles, Tim would buy her a dinner.

She arrived two o’clock in the afternoon and we tried our best to keep her awake until at least 9pm, going to Costco, making dinner together and watching movies. She did well and after a couple of days she was on Vancouver time.

The next ten days we did what we had been doing with the other visitors; walking around town, exploring markets and dine at interesting places. But we also did what we ladies enjoy; shopping, go out for cocktails, see hot naked men dance, trying on Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and §2000 dresses at Nordstrom, getting mani-pedis and, like I expected, exhausting my credit card, ouch!

We also took pleasure from the nature in Vancouver City and went for walks and a bike ride around Stanly Park, trying to find some of the “exotic” animals we don’t have in Denmark. We had great fun and Tim got peace and quiet to work – win win!


We didn’t have any big concert planned for her like our previous guests, but we did go out to dine at one of the best steak restaurants in town, Black+Blue. Tim had promised my sister a dinner and he wanted her to try Wagyu! We were expecting the less expensive American Wagyu, like we had gotten on Glowbal. But as it would turn out, they only served Japanese Wagyu – the best meat in the world with a price to match. Tim didn’t get discouraged and ordered the Wagyu, truffle fries (off the menu, but we have had these at their sister restaurant), starters of beef tartar and sashimi with wine and drinks to pair. It was a feast! Wagyu is full of flavour like you never tasted! The waitress told us that they sometimes served Kobe instead of Wagyu, but weren’t allowed to mark it as Kobe beef. So who knows? Maybe we had Kobe? But it turned out that 8 oz Japanese Wagyu/Kobe was too much, giving us stomach aches because of the fat. So if there is gonna be a next time I’m lucky enough to taste Japanese Wagyu, I’ll take a smaller steak.


Dunno if I said it before, but Vancouver City is full of Japanese and other asian restaurants, giving us a great assortment and price on sushi – compared to Scandinavia. And we LOVE it! The best ones, in my opinion, is Alpha Sushi + Bar, Shuraku Restaurant and Kingyo. For the brave there is also the Japanese fusion hotdog diner called Japadog! Used to be a hotdog stand, but grew so popular that they moved the business inside.


Another fun dining experience was Dark Table, where you eat in total darkness and are waited on by blind people. You can choose to order the main meal from their menu on arrival or let it be a surprise. The starter and dessert is always a surprise. I chose the tenderloin and red wine, hoping to get a sippy cup. Even though I got a normal wineglass and got more food on the table than in my mouth sometimes, I came out clean! They have the same concept in London, England, if You don’t want to travel all the way to Vancouver.

And then there was Italian Day on The Drive, which basically was a street party with lots of food stands – and not only Italian. The street was totally packed for five blocks, making us a bit claustrophobic, but it was fun.


Besides filling our stomachs, we also fed our souls with cultural experiences, going to The Museum of Anthropology and the Picasso exhibition at The Artgallery. At the MOA the totem poles were the great attraction, but since the country’s (white) history don’t go back more than mid 1800 and they didn’t have anything from the time before that, we were less impressed.

The Picasso: The Artist and his Muses exhibit was far more interesting. I remember seeing some of his work on a field trip to the Louvre in Paris, but these were quite different, mainly portraits of women. Beginning in early 20th-century Paris, the exhibition show how Picasso, inspired by his six lovers, developed his art and became a master of Modernism and invented Cubism.

You weren’t allowed to take pictures of most of the art (typically the best ones), but from the ones that You were allowed to shoot, these are my favorites.



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