About me

I am a 29-year-old Danish woman, who was living in Sweden and had my own physiotherapist practise. I have previously lived and worked in Norway and Greenland, I love to experience new places and the best way to do that is to live there.


About the blog

This blog will be a modern journal of my life in Canada. Mostly about my day-to-day experiences in Vancouver, hence the title. I will try not to bore you with the daily trivial and since my first language isn’t english, I hope you will bear with me on the spelling aswell.

So why Canada? Me and my boyfriend Tim wanted change and he had for many years wanted to try and live in Canada. Like Scandinavia, Canada has a high living and health care standard. So when the opportunity came to go to Canada with Tim’s business, we grabbed it!  Long story short; I made a hard decision to quit my job, we bought flight tickets and rented a furnished apartment.

The stay will be 4 months, just trying out the Canadian lifestyle. But why Vancouver? Well, that they speak english on this side of the country is a huge advantage, since non of us speak french. And the city is, from what we have heard, a metropolis with an ethnic diversity, beautiful scenery and a buzzing life. And then of course there is the business thing, which I won’t get into..

Who knows! Maybe we decide to stay a little longer.


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